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Sector KGH


Ecological insulation materials of producer K-FLEX breakthrough on Serbian market.

Svecom Recognition on 20th anniversary of its business activity


In September this year Svecom celebrated 20th anniversary of its business activity by gathering an huge number of business partners and friends.

On this occasion, the Presidium of the International Science Academy for Ecology and Security and its Serbian Department awarded Svecom the Charter for the great contribution to increasing the security and safety in mines, as well as for the improvement and modernization of the exploitation of mineral resources in Serbia.

USS Smederevo – stationary, CH4 and O2 detection system


Put into operation a new stationary gas detection system with 8 sensors for gas detection (CH4/LEL) and 5 sensors for the detection of oxygen (O2). OLCT80 detectors were used. Implemented for the first time a wireless signal transmission system “Banner” with multiple access points. The system’s control function is using Trolex equipment.

SVECOM – part of worldwide distribution network system Oventrop


SVECOM became the official distributor of thermo-technical equipment of German company Oventrop for Serbia.

By the introduction of this program insulation sector is reorganized to become HVAC sector.

“Transnafta” Pančevo- systems for explosive vapors and gases automatic detection brought into functional (projected) state


The current stable automatic detection systems for explosive vapors and gases in the
“Transnafta” successfully  
brought into functional (projected) state.

NEW! Svecom presents LED Beacon designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, by UK manufacturer MEDC


UK company MEDC markets a LED Beacon designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. This is a major step forward in „Exd” signaling equipment for its very low consumption and long operating life.

JP PEU Resavica – official opening of the Methane Metric Station


During the celebration of the Miners Day, in the mine Senjski Rudnik, Minister for Energy, Development
and Environment, Ms. Zoranа Mihajlovic, has launched the Methane Metric Station in the Headquaters
of Public Company for Underground Coal Exploatation  (JP PEU) Resavica.

Dairy “Mlekoprodukt” – stationary NH3 detection system


Put into operation a stationary gas detection system for the detection of amonia /NH3/ in dairy “Mlekoprodukt”

NEW! Svecom presents wireless detector/transmitter OLCT80


Svecom presents wireless detector/transmitter OLCT80,for monitoring oxygen, flammable, toxic and refrigerating gases on remote locations.

Tango ™ TX1 – new single gas portable mоnitor manufactured by Industrial Scientific


SVECOM presents Tango ™ TX1, a new single gas portable monitor, Dual Sense ™ technology, with three-years warranty. The use of this instrument increases the safety of workers greater than any single gas portable monitor on the market.