About us

About us


Svecom  (Savski Venac Commerce) was established as a joint stock company in 1991, as part of a group “Savski Venac ” in the field of investment and construction.

“Savski Venac” group has carried out several major investment projects such as large commercial, residential and business centers in Belgrade.

The company was one of the first joint stock companies in Serbia with a majority of private capital since 1994. It is owned by private shareholders.

Since 1994/95  the company diverted its activities to complex projects in energy, mining and telecommunications.

After 2000, new programs,
“Ecology and Protection” and “Gas Detection” have expanded their area of the company

In 2007 a new program has been introduced , from one of the fastest growing industrial sеctor in the world, in collaboration with Italian partner “K-Flex “, in the field of polyurethane insulation for thermals, ventilation and cooling and, since  2011, in establishing cooperation with the German manufacturer of thermo-technical installations “Oventrop”.

In 2010  business branch in Niš has been established, primarily in order to approach the market and projects planned in southern Serbia.

Svecom has realized a number of projects in Serbia, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, Greece, Jordan, Russia, Ukraina and the Czech Republic.

The biggest bussines partners are EPS, JP PEU, Telecom,
NIS, U.S. Steel, Elektroprivreda  Bosnia
and Herzegovina and a large number of private investors.

Foreign business partners

An important part of Svecom  business life are links with foreign strategic partners, among which were or are prominent:

  • ArcelorMittal, VDO, ZVVZ, PSP, CDT in mining and energy
  • ISC, Oldham, Trolex, MEDC, KSE, Faser,in  gas  detection,еcology and protection department
  • K- Flex,Oventrop and Ray in HVAC ( Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) department
  • Shanghai Nanya , Žibret laminati in the area of electronic materials in  electronics and telecommunications department.


Total number of employees is about 30, 25 of which are
permanent employees and 5-6 experts engaged in various projects. The largest
number of employees (about 50%) are engineers of different profiles, the others
being  economists and lawyers.

Employees have undergone various levels of business training and specialization, and possess a high degree (MBA, MSc, BSc, BA), experience and professionalism and are trained to conduct sophisticated projects in cooperation with foreign partners.

Mission and Vision

The mission of Svecom is to perform highly professional  activities, research, development and improving  services, programs, personnel and infrastructure, in cooperation with leading international and local manufacturers and suppliers, offer domestic and foreign markets cutting-edge technology and products, earn the loyalty of the market , continuously meeting the needs and expectations of all stakeholders and society as a whole.

The vision of Svecom is to, by performing highly professional  activities and building recognizable brands, continuous improovement and development of  programs, human resources and infrastructure, achieve companie’s  high and stable market shares in sectors that make the business of the company.

Quality Management System

Because of  high quality products and services,  in 2003 Svecom received “Sign of Quality EPS”, and, in 2004, among the first companies in the department of engineering, certified it’s Management system, according to requirements  of ISO 9001. In 2008 the decision was made on the reengineering it’s quality management system, based on the pursuit of overall business management.

Svecom strategy is based on:

  • establishing and maintaining strong relationships with beneficiaries  and other interested parties  and gaining their commitment to better understanding and long-term and  balanced  meeting their needs and expectations
  • continuosly monitoring and analysis environment
  • ensuring the health, safety and  satisfaction of employees
  • ensuring that employees have the opportunity to learn for their own benefit and to maintain the vitality of the organization
  • promoting teamwork and encouraging synergy among employees through the exchange of information, knowledge and experience available to everyone in the organization
  • establishing and maintaining processes that are appropriate to respond quickly to changing circumstances and continuous improvement
  • forecasting and providing all necessary resources and those for improvement, innovation and learning
  • maintenance of financial and business confidence in relations with business partners



Core values

Svecom  cherish these values​​:

  •  focus on users
  •  learning and professional development
  •  quality
  •  integrity
  •  trust and cooperation
  •  effective communication and teamwork
  •  ethical behavior
  •  responsible and proactive response
  •  safety, health and environmental protection


In 2011, on the occasion of 20th anniversary of Svecom business activity the Presidium of the International Science Academy for Ecology and Security and its Serbian Department awarded Svecom the Charter for the great contribution to increasing the security and safety in mines, as well as for the improvement and modernization of the exploitation of mineral resources in Serbia.