Energy and mining

Energy and mining

Svecom  represents and works with several companies from  Czech Republic in the field of energy and mining, environment, special vehicles, cement, etc… They have proven their quality in the world and in our country. They have all the necessary certificates for production and service provision to the regulations of the European Union. EPS and JP PEU are the largest users of products and services obtained by Svecom and it’s  Czech Republic  partners.

Svecom is expanding offerings sortiment in the energy field to burners, as representative, distributor and service provider for products of renowned German company RAY.

Arcelor Mittal is one of the largest companies in the world engaged in metallurgy , from smelting in blast furnaces to the production of all kinds (shape and quality) of steel. Arcelor Mittal has steel works throughout the world and thus covers the whole world market with their products.Arcelor Mittal via Svecom, as an exclusive partner in Serbia, supplyiеs all the mines with underground mining and industry tunneling, mining steel support, equipment and special profiles.

The most significant users in Serbia are: JP PEU Resavica, Tunneling

VDO is a company that is engaged in designing and carrying out mining – construction, equipping mines for underground coal, metal and nonmetal. The company has a project office, operational units, machinery and equipment required for its activity. Cooperate with investors in Serbia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Afghanistan and so on. It  is a member of CDT association.

The most significant users in Serbia are: JP PEU Resavica, mines:  Soko, Ajvalija, Pristina, Vrbica, Arandjelovac, Štavalj, Berane

CDT is an association of Czech companies that manufacture equipment for underground mining and surface mining and ore processing. It has capabilities to provide services in mining on a “turnkey”. The main goal is to enter the still unopened markets of Eastern Europe. Companies that make up the association are known, economically prosperous and progressive companies that are related to the long mining tradition in the Czech Republic.

Members of this association are able to meet all the requirements of investors and to the design, technology selection, construction works, equipping, commissioning, servicing and maintaining equipment and facilities as well as the closure of the financial structure.

Banjske projekty Ostrava deals with the design for the underground mining and surface mining, underground, tunnel construction, quarry and exploitation of non-metals. The Design Office is equipped with the latest equipment necessary for the design and brings together highly qualified staff to produce documents. Their clients are investors from the Czech Republic, Serbia, Malaysia, etc.  The experts of the company have the necessary licenses and supervise the derived state projects.

Reference customers are given during the presentation of the company VDO.

PSP is a company that is engaged in designing, producing and delivering equipment for crushing and grinding of mineral raw materials for cement, lime, metal mines, coal and non-metals. Quality and ralibilityof the equipment are certified in specific applications in Serbia and worldwide.

The most significant  users in Serbia are: TE-KO Kostolac A, RB Kolubara “Tamnava” and Kostolac B “Drmno”, Quarry Kievo near Belgrade.

ZVVZ – ENVEN produces equipment for the protection of the environment intended for power stations, cement, lime, and heating plants (electrofilters and bag filters), etc. In addition, products equipment intended for industrial ventilation, overhead and underground facilities, as well as subways and tunnels.

The most significant users in Serbia are: ТЕ- КО Кostolac А, ТЕ NТ Оbrenovac ТЕ А, ТЕ NТ  Кolubara TE А.

RAY Öl-& Gasbrenner a German company, one of the oldest world-renowned manufacturer of burners, founded in 1872 in San Francisco, known for its first oil burners that are on the market since early last century. By pioneering work and innovation RAY has developed and exposed to the world market a wide range of high performances oil and gas burners.

We offer oil burners, gas burners, combined gas / oil burners, industrial burners from 10KW to 30MW, equipment and spare parts. We provide installation and maintenance services.