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Svecom held a presentation of the Czech company PSP Engineering production program at the Czech Embassy in Belgrade


Presentation of the Czech company PSP Engineering production program, crushers and crushing plants, was held 04.04.2017. at the Embassy of Czech Republic in Belgrade. Noticeable there was the interest of experts from road construction industry, mines, thermoelectric power plants and cement industries for this impressive product range.

RMU Abid Lolić, Travnik – put into operation a system for monitoring gas and ventilation parameters


Commissioning of the system for measuring concentration of CH4, CO, CO2 and O2  in main fan depression, speed of the air current and temperature of mine air. Controllers, power supplies, relay binding members and measuring devices of  english manufacturer TROLEX capacity of 40 measuring points, are implemented. For  monitoring purposes SCADA Adroit V. 7.12 with the possibility of remote access has been installed. All of this will ensure increased safety in harsh conditions of coal mining in the pit “Bila”.

„Blue Center” – put into operation CO2 detection system


The system for carbon dioxide detection, of French manufacturer OLDHAM, central unit type MХ43 with infrared sensors, is installed and put into operation in “smart” building “Blue Center” in New Belgrade, for testing air quality in four exhaust columns.

Svecom awarded “2015 Rising Star Award” amongst 10 recognized newest partners who demonstrated positive growth and potentials in 2015


Industrial Scientific, Svecom partner  in the field of Gas Detection, hosted its first ever global partner conference, hosting key distributors partners from arround the world at its new headquarters building, in Pittsburgh Pensilvania USA. Purpose of the event was to confirm the company’s commitment to to its  partners, provide a preview of upcoming new products, tour the new manufacturing facility, discuss ways to work more effectively together, and to recognize partner performances in 2015. The conference kicked off with a partner welcome and recognition dinner on the evening of Tuesday, March8th, followed by a full day conference hosted at the new Industrial Scientific global Headquarters facility on Wednesday, March 9th.

There were 84 Partner Attendees from Europe, Middle East, Africa(EMEA), from 58 Partner Companies, 33 countries represented.

“2015 Rising Star Award” was given to Svecom amongst 10 recognized newest partners who demonstrated positive growth and potentials in 2015.

Cold storage “Aleksinac” – put into operation a system for detection and alarm of ammonia leak


Realized the delivery, installation and commissioning of, Oldham equipment, ammonia leak detection and alarm system, by capacity of 7 measuring points, in the production-storage facility “Aleksinac” in Aleksinac. The equipment is set up in cooperation with Smederevo Company “Klima” which is responsible for the design of the complete cooling system in cold storage.

NIS – O2 and CO detection system put into operation


Gas detection system, central device Oldham MX-43 and four oxygen and carbon monoxide sensors, was put into operation at the company NIS in Zrenjanin.

Svecom participated in the International Conference of the Mediterranean 2015/2015 OMC / in Ravenna, Italy


Аt the opening of the conference, Oldham, a global leader, is emphasizing the importance of corporate integration and leadership position in the field of gas detection, acquisition of the ICT (Industrial Safety Technologies) by the company Scott Safety , the new owner of brands Oldham, Detcon Inc., Simtronics and GMI assessed as the beginning of a new era in which the Oldham retain their traditional values ​​and focus on maximizing the performance, quality and reliability of products, services and processes.

Presented were products, services and the latest technological solutions of the leading European and world producers: Oldham, Detcon Inc., Simtronics and GMI.

Oldham affirmed the pioneering work of the expert team Svecom who implemented the technology of wireless transmission in the Steelworks in Smederevo six months before the first application by the manufacturer.

RMU Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – signed a contract for the supply and installation of equipment from Trolex in the mining pit “Raspotocje”


A contract was signed for equipment installation, of top mining manufacturer Trolex , capacity of 80 measuring points, detectors for CH4, CO, CO2, O2, air flow rate and temperature of mine air, SCADA monitoring software, which will provide an increase in safety in severe service conditions in pit “Raspotocje”.

New partner in the field of people protecting equipment in hazardous environments


Svecom has become an authorized representative of the company Faser SA, a renowned Polish manufacturer of equipment for personal respiratory protection in mining, chemical industry, metallurgy, military industry and for the purposes of fire-fighting teams.

HIP –Petrohemija – successful delivery, installation and commissioning of 30 detectors for isobutane.


Successfully delivered, installed and commissioned 30 detectors for isobutane, the primary combustible gas that is used in the production of HDPE, “Petrohemija”.